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math word problems

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This app is made for pupils of elementary and middle school (Grades 2, 3, 4, 5) to practicing. It's kept simple to avoid distraction. No permissions are neccessary. There are no in-app purchases and no ads.The solving of Word Problems promotes logical thinking and trains the ability to concentrate. In this app are currently about 60 different tasks of different difficulty levels included, the content will vary by a random number generator. In the main menu you can select the difficulty level or start practice all mixed. The selection of the tasks during an exercise is random, but incorrectly solved tasks are often queried.In order to train the concentration for each task the right question must be selected. Additional calculations and notes can be written on a virtual chalkboard.From the main menu you can go to several other screens:- Settings with much options to customize the app- detailed help screen
Have Fun while practicing!